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 Sufi Art

 Sufi art paintings blend mystical elements with vibrant colors, creating an absolute beauty in any home. These  pieces of art often feature swirling patterns,  calligraphy, and  motifs, resulting in spiritual reflection. Incorporating Sufi art into your decor adds depth, emotion, and cultural richness to your living space.

 5 Panel Canvas

A 5-panel canvas is a modern way to display art or photography into multiple frames, creating a cohesive and impactful presentation. Comprising of different panel, it provides  a dynamic representation for art and photography in modern decor. 



Resin Art

Resin art involves pouring  resin onto surfaces to create stunning, shiny finishes. Artists mix pigments, dyes, or additives into the resin to create vibrant colors and captivating effects .The fluid nature of resin allows for endless possibilities, from complex designs to abstract patterns and  landscapes. This versatile medium allows for experimentation with textures, layers, and techniques, resulting in unique and mesmerizing artworks with a glossy, polished sheen lustre.

Raise The Bar Of  Your Home  Decor


Marble Art

 Marble timepieces exude timeless elegance, the beauty of natural stone. These  decorations add style to any space, with luxurious textures and rich designs. A marble timepiece becomes a statement piece, infusing your decor  with precision, keeping you punctual in style.

Decorate Your Home With Versatile Unique and Vibarant Resin Art.

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